FeiyTech AK4000/AK2000

Flagship Feiyu Camera gimbal with Touch screen


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A milestone of Camera gimbal payload

Thanks to the automatic output of the ultra-high torque motor of the new high-performance chip

combined with intelligent anti-shake algorithm, Ak4000/2000 works well in the extreme environment,

also be able to be compatible with most professional-grade brand SLR and lens



max Playload up to 4KG

Touch screen 

Everything at a glance, tap change

 Focus ring

Real-time zoom under control

WiFi Bluetooth Dual Mode 

Dual-mode link integrated control

Extension bar 

One inch long, one inch strong

External USB port

Unlimited expansion possibility


Unique "Touch Window" touchscreen

Innovative control experience low-power LCD touch screen, easy to adjust the focus/zoom

sensitivity/ios/white balance/exposure compensation, motor dynamics/scene setting/automatic

rotation mode setting, touchscreen support operation updated also.


Night Time-lapse photography

AK Series automatic rotation, automatic shutter control function to make mobile Time-lapse photography

easy to implement


Side bottom 1/4-inch threaded expansion port

To meet the more professional needs free expansion of professional wearable equipment, so that

professional shooting work can also work with easy





Multi-function USB expansion interface

For the unlimited possibility of cameras accessories and other expansion devices

via USB interface, perfectly compatible with the focus system


Carbon fiber Hand-held extension bar

Convenient and labor-saving grasp; the perfect interpretation of "one inch long, one inch strong", to

level up your vision



Feiyu AK2000/ AK4000 will be available in September.

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