Feiyu G6

A simple world view
Controllable action camera gimbal


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WiFi+Bluetooth   dual working mode

With connecting GoPro HERO6 / HERO5、RX0’s WIFI, G6 can control the camera to
take video /photo and set the working modes. At the same time, all the specifications can be set in
Feiyu ON App once it connects via bluetooth.


*G6 is compatible with GoPro HERO 6/ HERO 5 and the other action cameras with similar shape and size. With its replaceable holder, G6 can also be compatible with RX0 camera.



An ingenious screen shows working mode clearly

An innovative build in OLED screen show specifications of gimbal
and camera, working modes, battery life, bluetooth connection etc.
Everything is under control.


Upgraded algorithm

Low power consumption makes G6 perform
more excellent. Its bigger motor torque makes
G6 work more smoothly with higher anti-shake
performance and reduce redundant power


The whole gimbal is splashproof

AThe gimbal is with the design of splashproof, making shooting free


No block in visual

An innovative elevation angle of axis makes it no more
blocks in visual to show a complete screen creation
composition with no any harm in anti-shake

It is easy to balance the gimbal with the combination of knob and sliding arm. And both tilting axis and
panning axis are 360 degree, enabling shooting as you wish.

Stabilization Comparison (with& without Feiyu G6)



Shoot in a more smart way with App
mode clearly

A new app interface. It can achieve remote control, automatic calibration, firmware upgrade, and the setting of multi-motion parameter by Feiyu ON App, makes more possibility in creation




Trail time-lapse photography

Shooting nodes can be set at random, creating a special trail
time-lapse photography.

Enable to shoot from sunrise till sunset

Equipped with large capacity battery the runtime can be up to 12 hours, supports
to charge the camera and last long time for shooting




Feiyu G6 is available now.

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